Is Luxology Modo still popular?

Is Luxology Modo still popular?

Yes, When the foundry took over from luxology they lost and gained modo users, but since the official release of Blender 2.8 it has been on a decline. Many modo users moved over to blender. Each having there own reasons varying from price to features and overall app progression.

Saying that though many die hard modo users, myself included, keep an eye on it’s progress because never the less as far as modelling goes it is an awesome bit of kit.

Yes, very much so.

I used Modo every day for 5 years. I was never able to get as much functionality out of it as I’d have liked. I moved to Blender when 2.8 rocked up because it allowed me to take on more interesting variety of art duties. Learning new skills is just another youtube video away. Best of all, EVEE kicks the crap out of GL viewport renderer. I have to work fast, so this makes that happen.

Don’t get me wrong, the modeling and UVing is legendary in Modo, but the modelling can be replaced by having the right Blender addons. And Modo’s rigging and sculpting is behind Blender’s. I just love that you can hit render, and it will automatically run through a compositor and a sequencer in that one button press. That’s a fantastic workflow for a generalist. So I jumped ship.

I ask because I recall every modo release being BIG news from like version 2 to version 9 and then even though my regular web browsing of 3d related websites and social media hasn’t really changed, I stopped noticing the news and hype about new modo versions. Then I found out long after the fact about Foundry and on their website new modo versions weren’t promoted as spectacularly as they were on the old Luxology site in my opinion.

I would like to know more.

I was cleaning out my desk and found a digital tutors training disk for Modo 3 and I decided I should at least skim though it before I throw it out since I had the thing since like 2009 and never watched it :’( and I’m looking at it and thinking “ooh I wish Blender had this and that”. So I’m having a hard time imagining how it’s lacking functionality, especially so many years after version 3.
I understand not having compositing and video editing but was rigging and other areas really bad enough to make you abandon it completely? You don’t still keep it installed for some killer tool Blender lacks?

I personally hate compositor in blender. My laptop is too slow for rendering animations and the compositor is orders of magnitude slower than gimp or photoshop for tweaking a single image.

I am talking mainly in terms of rigging and animation, but the GL renderer sucked, and I needed a better realtime renderer for creating 3D animated symbols, Blender had it all from 2.8 on.

In Modo, rigging was time sapping and frustrating, without an addon, just naming things and mirroring rigging process was a nightmare unless you use ACS. ASC has it’s own 2 free alternatives; Blenrig and Rigify, so we have that whole thing covered.

Animation in Modo wasn’t great either, for a long time, no way to layer animation properly like Maya or Blender. For a while, the procedural animation wasn’t that great either. Blender has all that and how.

I found good alternatives to fusion mesh and that boolean shortcut addon.

Don’t forget to compare the sculpting too. You CAN just drop zbrush if you don’t like it and use Blender. Your work will be just as good. But Modo’s scupting couldn’t keep up.

Here’s where Blender does not stack up in my experience:

I still prefer Modo’s UV editor to this day. I’m good enough with the awesome procedural shading in Blender that I use it sparingly for most of my work with Eevee. To this day we constantly remind the devs that blender needs a better UV editor. It’s my one greivance. They really seem to lack the understanding of how CRUCIAL UV editing has always been, and how bad Blender’s always was to say 3ds max or modo. That’s my one problem with the blender team.

However, you cannot stay mad at them, they made us free software! Especially when you check out the cloth brush. How many sculpting apps have physics in a brush. Nobody can deny that Blender loved by many for it’s cool variety of features.

As for the node compositor and VSE editors, there’s a couple of tricks to setting them up to work well. For instance, the node editor and the VSE have proxy rendering settings which can give you a lower res preview and won’t lag as much. Eevee should run decently on your laptop vs Cycles. But also workbench CAN be if you’re doing some simple editing cuts. This is crucial if you run scene via comp or straight out for scene into VSE. Also having a shit tonn of memory helps so that you can pre-cache as much as possibe. I recommend 64gb of ram.

I might cover this some day. At the moment I’m working on a tutorial where you can build a mixamo animation libarary and import those actions into a rigify rag for further editing in the NLA strip editor. A lot of this workflow relies on some of Blender’s flagstaff features, like how one blend file can act like a stock libarary.

At my office job I have Modo installed, zbrush, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3ds max, Cinema 4d, Substance etc. I use Blender there most of the time unless I have to do concept work or export PSD. I’ve been rallying for it because recently covid has proved we should be smarter with money, and waiting for software to be approved is proof enough for me that opensource is the new standard.

It may sound kind of funny, but I’m breadwinning with this tool because it makes me this cg wizard who outbids the average general artist. Most people just cannot learn this much accross several tools.

That’s the gist of it.