Is ManuelbastioniLAB for Blender aiming for realistic look?

Some of you might say that this is a stupid question. But if Manuel is aiming for realistic look for his humanoids, he is not there yet, thats what I think, I might be wrong.

The result is very 3D not very realistic, but thats might not be what Manuel want with this plugin?

it is very good for medical purposes.

This is my opinion as well. Looking at other generators like Human ZBuilder and (to a lesser extent) the now defunct Exocortex Species make the models output by Lab and MakeHuman look like they fall deep into the uncanny valley in terms of detail and/or proportions. The textures need work in both Lab and MH (and what’s up with the censor bars in Lab?), but there’s a lot of promise in both. I hope they continue to be developed into full-featured generators.

I think it is ok for base-mesh and then you put the realism on top, but directly from the Lab… nop, not very realistic.

I think ManuelbastioniLAB is fantastic, improving very much with each version. I think the models look quite realistic.
What Manuel has done is excellent, providing a very configurable way to generate humanoids base meshes. Now maybe it’s time for the community to start contributing by providing somewhere better materials (if you think that default is not good) and clothes.

About censor bars, you can choose the correct skin material for it in material tab.

The skin shader is a part of yes, but there are something else, i can’t put my finger on it.

btw is Makehuman and Manuelbastioni Lab the same?

What do you want to do? Texture paint on the eyes?
Select the Manuel Lab model in Object mode. Go to Edit mode. Deselect everything if it was selected (A). Mouse over the body, press “L” to select body only and then press “H” to hide the body. Press “5” numpad key to change to orthographic view. Mouse over the eye, press “L” to select and press “H” to hide external part. Repeat with the other eye. Mouse over again on the eyes and select them with “L”. With your eyes selected, go to Texture Paint mode. From below you press the button with a small cube with red dotted front next to render layers arrangement (Face selection masking for painting). You configure symmetry in X axis, and you verify that you are painting over the correct slot in Slots tab.

According to what I know, Manuel has collaborated for a long time with MakeHuman project.


Oh, I read “The skin shader is a part of eyes
If that’s not what you wanted to say, I do not understand what you meant in that sentence.

Manuel is the creator of MakeHuman, it used to be a Blender addon initially, in fact, so creating ManuelBastioniLab (corny a-f name:P) he´s coming full circle I guess. I suppose he thought MakeHuman wasn´t going anywhere and preferred to start fresh, which makes sense, I guess.

I agree that the meshes aren´t the most realistic, but it´s still a great addon, with alot of potential. It´s not going to replace Daz3D anytime soon, though.

I wouldn’t say they are really realistic, but they are good bases and crowd fill. I’m interested in seeing how far he’ll go with it.

I ment that the skinshader is a part of what makes the character not realistic

Ah thanks. Agree with you, it is a very great addon.

Maybe the reason why it seams to have a strange look, has todo width something else.
When something gets close to natural behavior for example Darpa’s robotic dog, it triggers an uncanny effect.

As for the models they look good but there might play an uncanny effect too, since in real life people faces have no x axis mirror. In fact real people have quite different sides (its fun to make 2 versions of yourself width photoshop, so that you get a left+mirrorleft and a right +mirror right).

Its in his planning to also add unsymmetrical faces