Is mocap possible with Blender?

I’ve only read one book on Blender, so I’m no expert here. But I’m curious if there is a motion capture plugin for Blender out there. I looked in the features section at, but honestly I really don’t know anything technically about motion capture, so I don’t know what to look for. I just know it involves some pretty intensive software and little white balls, so I’m just wondering if there is a plugin to cover the software part, or at least a plugin that accepts some formatted capture that may or may not be filtered past some other (proprietary) software layer first (probably that which comes with the little motion sensors).

My dad and I are interested in mocaping our Amazon parrot to capture the wing motion during flight. Not that we couldn’t figure out the science behind this by reading books on fluid mechanics and/or ornithology; this is just a little project for fun. Neither of us have the electronics background to make the motion sensors/accelerometers ourselves nor the programming algorithims however, so we would be buying the hardware (and possibly the requisite software). I just thought a good first place to start in this endeavor would be to check if good old Blender has a plugin for importing and utilizing some form of mocap data.

I remember this article on Blendernation :

Maybe it’s something like what you’re looking for ?

There is the Motion Capture Tools GSoC project from last year that is in trunk. I’m not sure if it does what you need though. MoCap isn’t really my thing so I don’t know much about it. Here is the author’s Vimeo Channel for video demos and such.

Yes it’s possible and relatively easy, in fact. :slight_smile:


The camera tracking tutorials out there (search for them) are also useful.

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ty for replies, i wasnt sure what to look for in the docs. time for some reading!