Is My mesh ok?

I am trying understand the right way to model this dice.
You like the render?
Any tips?

Did you convert quads to tris on purpose, if yes, why? It is usually better to have quad instead of triangle faces when possible, for further manipulation like loops selection , subdivisons, sharing etc, it probably doesn’t affect the model workflow right now with your cube, but it went first on my mind when I saw it.

Otherwise I like the dice, maybe the real (profi?) dices have more sharp edges, but im not a gambler, so cannot say it for sure :slight_smile: And you could make one dice a little bit worn - with some little scratches…

best regards, enjoy the blender!

I think it’s properly modeled ^^ now it’s time to work on material and texture to add some dirt/grunge details on it :wink:

nice work tho !

Happy blending !

Thanks Viktor.
I did purposely. The triangulated mesh work better in old opengl hardware and in some game engines.
This year is the first i am using GPU card in my computer… is a new world for discover.

Thanks Pitibonom.
This is new dice, nobody has used it yet. :slightly_smiling_face:
Multiple textures and bump map is my next step in learning.

I have a different opinion of it. if you want to be proper about it, start thinking about the highly stretched triangles you have in the model. This is not a rule written on stone but I personally like to avoid polygons with high edge ratios. And you have a lot of them.

Using triangles is not a problem, just avoid the elongated ones.


For learning purpose, you might use some bits of this screencast, it has been just posted, especially the clever quick model process of the dots.

What do you guys have with the dices, some TV inspiration or just coincidence? :slight_smile:

have a nice day

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I think you are overcomplicating this using Booleans and all for a really simple thing. I made this in 4 minutes relying on the subdivision tool:

It has much nicer topology and no hard edges around the eyes.

Uh-huh, “nicer” topology, no hard edges, tons of unnecessary polygons and no circles. You can’t make a circular detail from four equilateral edges with subd, it makes ovals.

I mean, if you’re going to give advice, at least mention the ramifications :wink:

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That would be rounded rectangles, but yes. 2 more minutes to add crosses to make octagons. The extra geometry is not fully real. It is just the modifier, but sure you can remove some edges. I still think speed and simplicity weighs heavy for a simple prop like this.

Thanks all you guys for the tips. Really exist other ways to do the job.