Is possible paste one object to another Without booleans? Without joining vertices


(Jose) #1

Hello, my question is simple, since to join 2 objects that are also round uniting with the vertices of one to the structure of the other object, in the end if you have to do it many times a day, you take a lot of time.

I have seen that the Shrinkwrap modifier, does it, but only with a ring, or with vertices, directly to the structure of a cylinder for example projecting on it.

My question is if there are any modifiers that you know that are capable of doing the same, but between 3D objects.

I put the photos for you to understand better.

In the first photo is what I want to join, the second are united, and the third we see that the first structure crosses the second inside, and you have to retouch vertices to leave it inserted inside the cylinder.

Thank you

(Safetyman) #2

Sometimes there’s no one-click solution to modeling things… a lot of the time you have to roll up your sleeves and model things by hand. For this, I would boolean the two pieces, apply the boolean, then clean up the result.

(eppo) #3

Use one more object to help you out

(Jose) #4

thanks eppo I could explain it better. I do not get it . thank you

(eppo) #5

The selected cylinder - helper- in image is what makes smaller, perpendicular one to ‘hide’ inside. Shrinkwrap vertex group of the smaller cylinder to such helper mesh.
Hope i’m clear enough this time :wink:

(Jose) #6

ok thanks eppo, i understand. Thanks