Is publisher free now??

(Fort Max) #1

At you can download blender publisher and apparantly the key too but I have no idea how to get the key to work that they have there because it isn’t actually a download just a series of numbers and stuff.

My question is, am I just doing something wrong with the key or do you still have to pay for it?

(TazyTiggy) #2

To get the key you can copy and paste it into an editor, like notepad. Then just save it as key.dat in your Blender folder. Then open Blender go to file and load the key.

(Fort Max) #3

hmm… still didn’t work, it just keeps saying nat a valid key or something.

(Bense) #4

save it with file>save as, as text file and name it key.dat

(BMD) #5

ok, umm i tried it, and it’s not working… any ideas?

(d52477001) #6

i had exactly the same prob. here’s what to do:

  1. right click on the link that takes you to all the text and numbers
  2. select ‘save target as’ (in windows)
  3. don’t change the file name
  4. save it
  5. install it

that should work. the file should be called key.dat.


(Fort Max) #7

That worked!! :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks for the help.