Is sculpt mode tablet pressure static?

I’m trying to use Blender sculpt mode with wacom, but (IMHO) pressure sensitivity behaves strange - once the stroke is started pressure does not react anymore.
If I start stroke lightly it is impossible to make it heavier while dragging and vice versa.

Is that how it is supposed to be or should I look for reason?

It should work more than what it sounds like it’s doing for you.

One bug with it, at least on Linux, is if you open a window Pressure won’t work until you restart Blender. So if you open the User Preferences for example, you’ll have to save close Blender and reopen to get pressure back. It’s annoying. There are some fixes/improvements that should be coming down the line, but I’m not sure when.

Thanks for reply. Not sure how I got it that way, because reloading did not help, but after deleting every other but the sculpted object, pressure works as intended now.

One thing seems to be a bug though. If object is substantially away from 0,0,0 coordinate, sculpting in “view plane” causes vertices to slide towards center of the scene. Could anyone confirm if it’s not only me? [1.1MB]

I can’t get my tablet to show any pressure sensitivity at all in Blender. It is ONLY Blender. What type of computer are you using? is it a Mac by chance?

Are your tablets working now?

Blender still isn’t recognizing the pressure.