Is Skyrim level character customization possible?

If so, how would this be achieved in the game engine? I’d imagine it would use armatures but that would cause problems with animation. Is there a way to ‘save’ what the character model for the player will look like using python? That would probably be really difficult.

One of the things that you could look at is replaceMesh and maybe a simple python script that saves to a text file. You could use the repalceMesh (either python function or logic brick) to switch between hats, clothes, etc, based on a property. Then save this property using the built-in python function open()

If you don’t have much experience with BGE I would suggest aiming a little lower. Try to make it so that the player can choose between a few hats at first and move on from there.

Shape keys, I believe are your answer,

Thanks guys for these solutions! That sounds cool. So Monster if I make these animations, they won’t affect walking animations for instance, or perhaps more prominently facial expression animations?

Unless the “morphing” animations share the same channels as the walking animations.

When creating the animations ensure to avoid key-framing all bones, just key-frame the bones you really need (always a good idea as it saves a lot of memory and disk space)

Ok thanks. I’m still really far from this stage in my game anyway but I’ll keep all this in mind if I ever do get this far.