Is Spiral Graphics Genetica dead?

I tried going to the Spiral Graphics website and it seems it’s not there anymore.
Is Genetica dead?

If it is dead is there one last download with the latest Studio version and all the textures so nothing needs to be downloaded via the downloader in the program?

For those that don’t know Spiral Graphics Genetica was a pretty incredible piece of software that let people more easily make some incredible textures using nodes kind of like Filter Forge. It has some different features than Filter Forge that were really cool. Hopefully someone knows what happened.
Thanks for reading.

Once Substance Designer hit the scene, all of the other texture authoring applications died (as far as I know anyway). Genetica as an application does not exist anymore and Spiral Graphics has gone out of business. If you have a copy of the installer though, you should at least be able to type in the serial code and activate your copy of the program (as there’s no online activation and no online-only DRM).

The one alternative that prevents Adobe from being the only game in town is a FOSS alternative known as Material Maker. Material Maker by RodZilla ( It is actually seeing quite a bit of development from a number of contributors.

Well, there’s Filter Forge. It’s somehow managed to keep sticking around all these years.

I think Reallusion (makers of iClone) bought it, it’s on their site:

Doesn’t look under active development, but they’re still selling it.


I’m wondering if that is an old page they forgot to take down with an old partnership with Spiral Graphics back in 2014 which is what the copyright at the bottom of the page says. It also says by Spiral Graphics which is should not if it was owned by Reallusion. Maybe though I can message them and see what they have to say on the subject.

If I could just fine the Genetica material in a downloadable file that would be great so I can use all the features in my copy of Genetica. Being able to find 4.01 of the Studio version would be really incredible.

Have you used the Wayback Machine ( on the site? It possibly has the download

The wayback machine works for finding the 4.0 installer. So I guess all I need is a 4.0 Studio serial number.

Wayback machine doesn’t have the textures used in the Genetica program to make new textures because they were never offered like that. The textures had to be downloaded through the program as they were needed to render the new texture. It does have extra genetica materials in the .gtx, but most won’t work right without the textures.

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Sorry, I was trying to help you but the stupid bot banned my replays so tell me if you solve your problem. If not send me a message to Antarante23 on gmail. I coould help you I beliave.

I have Genetica 4.01 with textures.

It’s a shame that this program has ceased to exist. It would still be relevant, despite the fact that there is Substance Designer. It is much easier to create complex textures in Genetics than in SD. Genetics also has a very convenient vector editor, as well as a repeating texture editor (Synthesizer), which are head and shoulders above SD! I can also say with confidence that in Genetics there are a huge number of filters that simply do not exist in SD, or which can be difficult to reproduce in SD.

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I’ve not tried filter forge, but from what I’ve seen the things that can be done in Genetica can’t even be done in filter forge.

I sent a pm too for secret reasons.