is Stereoscopic possible in BGE? (crossview)

Is it possible to have two cameras viewing at the same time, side by side in the game engine? This setup will allow for viewing in stereo using the “cross view” technique.

Or is there a way to have an “inset” box in the game engine (no doubt it will be a view from another camera) and this technology will allow me to put two insets side by side.

Thank you

Check the stereoscopic setting in the render panel. If what you want isn’t there, have a look at the rendertotexture functionaliy.

Thank you- i have searched and didn’t find anything about it until you pointed it out.

Indeed, there is a stereoscopic setting in the “blender game” environment. Anaglyph works great. I can’t get Side-by-side to work though.

Additionally, contained in my original question… Is there a way to display an “inset” box (like a view from another camera) (like picture in picture) at the same time during play?

Thank you

Yup. There are some tutorials over at tutorialsforblender3d for thign like security camera’s. The code they provide will do what you want.