Is that normal for boolean?

I’ve done letter with curve. Then, i convert them to mesh, then i boolean (difference) the letter from a cube… But it seem that blender is not making all of the interior face of my letter… Is that normal?

I can do it manually, but it is very loooog on some letter like an “s”…


I think the problem is that when you convert a text curve object to a mesh, the fronts of the letters are not connected to the sides of the letters. That would make Booleans go crazy because the letters are not a solid object. So try Remove Doubles right after you convert the text to a mesh, Recalculate normals outside (Ctrl-N), and then do the booleans. It might work then…

I didn’t know about recalculating, i will try that next time :slight_smile:

See ya :slight_smile: