is the 9800 gt good enough to make complex animation in blender?

I’ve bought a 9800 gt graphic card yesterday from a guy for about 30 dollars. it hasn’t arrive yet though…
torakunsama said that the card is good enough for blender GE, but how will it perform when doing 3d animations? can I make complex animations using the card? does it support glsl? has any of you here ever own that card before?

link to the card specs:

That card is more than enough to do animations. In fact, you can even do animations with an integrated GPU.

And yes, it supports GLSL.

EDIT: Since it’s CUDA-enabled, I assume it supports OpenCL as well, which mean you can use your GPU for rendering using SmallLuxGPU.

What is a complex animation?

I assume a complex animation is not the number of animated objects, because this is first a question of the cpu-power and memory to handle all this.
To display and tweak an animation it is not
necessary to work in a full-textured view - its enough to work with the armature and disable the mesh, so the calculation and on-screen-display only needs to take care for the armature-view.
The graphics-card would mainly a question if you want to do a lot of sculpting and need a fluent display to render thousends of pixels very quick…

The 9800gt should be good enough, – i use a 8400GS at the moment, and this is less performant than the 9800 … – but its a fan-less card to reduce the fan-noise.

thanks mate, I used the term complex animation is simply because I’m not that familiar with Blender… 2nd my last laptop had an integrated intel gpu and I had so many problems while using blender…mostly because of vista though… I had to turn off aero and swith to vista basic for blender to work properly…:spin:

I’m going with linux now.

I’m glad to hear that! thank you.