Is the blender team taking some inspiration from Adobe Creative Cloud?

First cloud based library

now Blender Sync,

I love this new direction,

It’s a bold step to make,

just imagine a day where you could download/upload a number of high quality materials without ever going to some random 3rd party website

where you can share all your models with team members with ease

I imagine the AAA studios are just salivating for something like this

And to see blender move towards that direction,
is just lovely.

Also I wouldn’t mind it being a blender cloud only subscription benefit,
Infact, I’m asking you to make it a BC only

A legitimate reason to get a blender cloud subscription(other than tutorials and a few textures)
would help the sub rates a lot.

The Blender cloud also allows unfettered access to all of the files used in the Open Movie projects (even before being released publicly).

I think one of the main points in such services is to make sure there’s enough value to get people to subscribe and to keep them subscribed (because I do recall the initial skepticism towards the idea in general when it was starting out, mainly because of the slow start in content delivery).

I just hope whatever will be its future, blender will distinguish contents from usability and keep usability out of cloud and internet in general. Distinction that Adobe instead is eliminating with their CC philosophy