Is the Blender texture disk worth it?

Hello blenderheads,
I am looking to get as much stuff for blender for christmas as i can, and i was wondering: Is it worth $40 for the blender texture disk?
And: Is there anything else i should buy for blender to enhance blender and my skills?

Is a drawing pad a good idea?

I already have The Blender Book

what are your opinions?


The texture disk is nice. As for the drawing pad, I don’t know if it would give you much use for Blender. I mainly use mine for working with textures and 2D type stuff, but for that it is great.

The texture disc is TOTALLY worth it. I use it almost every time I use blender. There’s a bunch of good textures, and plenty of materials. I use materials from the disc as a starting point for creating other materials.

For instance, when I was working on a leather-covered book, I used the apple material and then modified it to look more like leather. It’s a great way for you to learn how to make materials, and it saves time, trying to find textures. Go for it.