Is the "Dolly" function my only option to move around freely in rooms?

I’m new to blender so I’m assuming I’m just missing something, but whenever I create a room (4walls 30ftx30ft), and try to move around inside of said room, Blender treats my zoom and move like it’s molasses.
Dolly seems to allow me to move around inside at a normal speed but it tends to change my rotating axis making pans behave differently.
If I leave the room I can pull back and move around to infinity, but soon as I zoom into the room again my view stops moving.

I’m assuming I’m NOT correctly visualizing how blender works while in the viewport and this is causing my issues. How do others I’ve seen in tutorials move about so freely while inside enclosed environments?

Thanks, Tim

Ok, I think Im getting a feel for how the viewport works.

  1. 3D Cursor = my pivot point at all times and I can only zoom in so close before stopping.

  2. Changing 3D Cursor to any item in a modeled room will allow me to move around selected object regardless of me being inside or outside environment.

  3. Dolly, “pushes” my pivot point in relation to the 3D cursor.

  4. I can snap my 3D cursor to other points depending on selected function.

Any quick tips for moving the cursor around, and more importantly more accurately?

Go into your settings > interface and try “rotate around selection”. Much quicker than rotating around the cursor.
Although, for a matter of fact I know that not everybody likes it. Just give it a try.

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Thanks, I’ll try that.
Great tip.

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btw. Solely based on your profile I guess you are pretty new
to Blender. I don’t know if you’re aware of it but maybe the following might be interesting to you:

Blender has 2 navigation modes, that are very convenient to navigate a scene. Fly- and Walkmode. They give you a FPS- like movement via the WASD keys. If interested look them up at the manual .

If you are aware of it, then never mind and enjoy your first ‘Like’ here.
Welcome to the Blender community.

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I am new to Blender and I’m appreciating all the tips the community is sharing. The Walk and Fly modes are definitely useful. Thanks!