Is the Linux fanboy community out of control?

I mean they go all over any thread related even remotely to Windows like a swarm of angry hornets. On the program regarding microsoft word half the replies are childish remarks of

Okay we can see that, but then it gets even worse, just yesterday someone was politely asking for help and instead of people trying to help him he gets (in most of the posts)

Can you Linux fanboys stop spreading these kinds of remarks in EVERY thread regarding Windows and Microsoft sparking an OS fanboy war even if the intent is not to spark a fanboy war, please, what if you were a Modo or Autodesk app. user the Blender community here started hawking Blender as the best 3D program ever and will destroy every other app. and try to gag you into using it on every CGTalk thread that mentions other apps.?

There are fanboys everywhere, CD. I use linux. I’ll politely recommend it, if fitting to the situation, but thats because I have common sense and web-etiquette. There are some Windows fanboys (but not many) rampaging in There are mac fanboys in every thread,too.

Some people are on the internet not to converse with one another, but to annoy others and make life difficult. I have no idea why, but they seem to enjoy it.

In my opinion, fanboys(and girls) in general are out of control. Its the classic childhood “My dad is better than your dad” stuff, just arguments made of thin air. Everyone with the decency to politely ask for help does not mean they have no brain, that they are unaware, or that they are in any way justifiably targetable for a fanboy rant.

This is the internet. You can take all of the world’s jackasses and multiply that figure by ten and it still wont amount the number of people being a jackass on the internet because of the power of anonymity.


Almost every thread contains words such as “Microsuck” “Windoze” “Winders” and so on. It seems to me that most of these people are out to piss other members off, which is very childish.

If you have a problem with MS write them an email or something. Dont turn this forum into what Ubuntu forums has turned into.

i’ll tell you what’s out of control.
people who accuse every criticizer of windows to be a “linux fanboy”…

PS: even the latest thread about Blender on CGTalk did not have fanboy attitude, but the so-called pros easily twist the argument by calling everyone a fanboy…

hmm, I’m not sure what good this will do apart from sparking off more arguments… In my mind linux is good but it just needs to mature a bit more, but with Win7 coming (which looks like a pretty decent OS) they’ll be quite a bit of competition. I don’t really mind who wins, I don’t like microsofts practices… But I also find the linux fanboys (and I’m talking about the immature ones) quite off-putting making it all feel a bit unprofessional.

Surely this would be better contained within the other thread since that’s a pretty much identical discussion?

ps On the topic of Blender, I think people just aren’t prepared to listen when they have it engrained so thoroughly into their heads that we’re all fanboys. But what can you do? Afterall, they’re they ones missing out :wink:

Cyborg Dragon making a complaint about fanboyism!?

The world has fallen in on itself!!

Your complaint is valid, however.

Yeah, bating the fanboy and then getting angry when he bites a kinda silly.

well geez, it’s not a religion–but people even here act like it is sometimes.

peace out,

Yeah, there are a lot of Linux users here, both polite and impolite. I’m rather wishing that either Windows or Linux (or even Mac) will get so good that they leave the others in the dust. It’d be a win-win situation, get a completely awesome operating system, and everybody will stop arguing about which is better. (though I’m sure everybody will find something else to argue about)

Like religion?

I why linux fanboys are this way is because microsoft is getting too much attention? I mean, I have 2 OSes on my computer, Windows and Linux, I like them both, but I use Linux more for blender logic and windows more for modelling… I don’t know why…

Anyways, it’s a bit out of control and I don’t understand why the Ubuntoforums are filled with it, if the forum is abnout UBUNTU not windows, that’s kind of weird… Blenderartists is getting there though… Because it’s funny… This site is about Blender, the program, not linux with blender… not windows with linux, it’s blender artists… Your using blender to make art, does it really matter which operating system it is in? No, depending on how a person likes to work it shouldn’t matter…

Out-of-control? Nah.

Posted from my Debian EEE PC

I think the Blender community (generalizing) is much more annoying.
“Oh, oh, I wonder if Autodesk will loose some market share when 2.5 comes out, because 2.5 will be soooooooo awesome”
“Awwwwwesome, autodesk is going to have some serious competition”

and the always present
“I want to suggest a new feature… In Max or Maya we can… *KILLL HIM, TRAITOR!!!, KILL HIM!”

Out of control? Yes, but that is only the fanboy community. By definition, fanboys are out of control. It doesn’t matter what area, all fanboys are annoying. Sometimes it is hard to see it because you happen to agree with their cause.

Is the Linux community out of control? No. Neither are the Apple or Windows communities. All fanboys really need to shut up, though. They make the rest of us look bad.

here’s another pointless thread. I find it not even close to a discussion.