Is the :P emoticon being used wrongly?

The emoticon that looks like :stuck_out_tongue: has a textual representation that means someone sticking out their tongue. I can’t tell if the picture is meant to be tongue sticking out or laughing because I think a lot of people use it to mean laughing.

It’s mainly used as a symbol of kidding around or making some stupid comment on something.


You like teddy bears :stuck_out_tongue:

im only gonna say :stuck_out_tongue: .

ps. i use t on msn looks better :P:P:P:P:P:P:D

Yech, no, the :-P emote on M$N is hideous…

Yahoo all the way

The current :stuck_out_tongue: used here could be improved, so it doesn’t look like red goo dripping out of his mouth.

What? You don’t like the vampire emoticon? How about the constipated :x one?

I knew I’d seen that face somewhere before… constipation

Also, what is the point of these [>] [!] - I never see anyone using them. After all, you can just do ! or ->. And is this zorro? :Z

Yes, that’s Zorro.

Or, as we say around here, the Z :stuck_out_tongue: :Z


Z (smilie code without : ), I guess so, about the non used ones

[>] [!] [>] [!] [>] [!] [>] [!] [>] [!] [!] [>] [!] [>] [>] :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not it at all. There’s a real story behind that smily. A “you had to be there” kind of story.


The [!] emotion could be used as a sort of “bright idea” emotion.

Also, I noticed you can’t put emotions in post names. There is an option to turn that on, maybe some admin could do it? Or is it off for a reason?

It’s off for a reason.


It’s off for a reason.


What reason?

To stop people from putting emoticons in their thread title. That’s the purpose of the option after all.


But it would be nice to do that.

I know! Maybe you could have it on for a day or two to see what happens.

No, it wouldn’t. It’s hard enough having people posting relevent titles without giving them the possibility to add smilies in there.

I know! Maybe you could have it on for a day or two to see what happens.

Nah, I don’t think so.


Oh well. I guess you know best.

Yahoo all the way

And their :smiley: emoticon is much better than MSN’s, or the one here at elYsiun.


If that shiny teeth one is MSN’s then they need to rethink their smilies :wink:

Yeah, I’m going to use yahoo’s all the time. BTW Obiwan, the actual yahoo link is better because you get animated gifs instead of pngs. Not sure if you need a yahoo account to access the page. They’re at - click the emoticons link and just right click on a pic and copy/paste the url.

My favourite is this one = ROFL