Is their a step by step guide to modling a human

Good day all
Is their a step by step by step guide to modling a human.
Thank you

There are different ways to model a human, though you should know modeling organic shapes (like humans) is quite advanced, so if you’re new at this try to begin with some simpler stuff.
I know that’s not what you wanted to hear, but the mistake most newbies make is that they’re overly excited and want to start with the big stuff. Of course, they fail and give up. If you start with small things, you’ll quickly be able to do even greater things than humans! :slight_smile:

There is the most famous one…

Probably the only one I know of, which goes really deep into details and stuff…but still, it won’t guarantee success, trust me…

I agree with Charlesworth999. Start on the n00b to pro Wikibook.

I agree with the advice to learn the tools first, then go for it, but I think the Introduction_to_Character_Animation would be a better place to start. Ryan walks you through the basics, and you’ll find yourself doing some pretty sophisticated work in a very short time. Once you have the modeling part down, move on to the Joan of Arc tutorial Myke recommended, unless you want to continue with the animation part of Ryan’s tutorial. Either way, I think that’s the fast track at this point.

Hmmm…I would suggest learning the tools and practicing…then developing your own style:D Thats what its all about! You don’t want to just copy someone else’s style…right?