Is there a Blender Rep.?

I was looking around online, and found this Firefox student representation program:

I was curious if there was anything like this for Blender? I think it would be something that would be good to try and start if there wasn’t. Because I personally don’t think that there is enough representation of open-source software at some schools[speaking for the 3 in my district.], and there is so much to do with those programs, as opposed to the ones used at school.

firefox is 30-40% of browsers, right?
most people have heard of it.
not many people have heard of blender, and a lot of people wouldn’t be interested in it either.

a general open-source rep would be better.

we already have a representative.

Internet is used by [almost] everyone, so the general public would care. Blender would appeal to a select few, so it’s not really worth it (in my opinion).

But what is the target of this program ?

But what is the target of this program ?

Seems like he wants to do his part. Rather than opposition, perhaps you can help the young lad with some advice.

My advice to you, to help spread blender is to make a portfolio of your work, and to sell yourself to architects and engineers . After you are successful return here and give advice and / or tutorials.

Take as much as you can from the forums here, but don’t forget to give back. If you receive something of value, do not forget to give back something of equal or greater value.

Well said ^^

Thank you.

Actually, Commander Taco, or anyone who knows, how would I ‘sell my stuff to architects and engineers’? Like what do I do to do it?

I noticed most dutch architecture studies support Maya. If you contact the universities and ask them to use Blender instead of Maya (don’t forget to tell them it’s free :D), they may confront new students with our lovely 3D tool :wink:

We’re all Blender reps! :yes:

Do what you can. Most recently, I gave a 3 hour class on using Blender with Python at the PyArk Unconference. It was the biggest class in the whole event.

How do you show your stuff to Architects and Engineers? First make up some stuff that looks as good or better as they could get professionally, then open the phone book and get their numbers. Cold call them, or find out when the next trade association meetings are and go there.