is there a chan on efnet for us?

i’m trying to start a blender community chan
i know there’s one on another network. the reason i’m asking is im trying to start one on efnet if one already doesn’t exist. anyone is welcome to join, the chan is still barely getting setup. we have a small botnet, but if anyone has another one they can help with it’d be cool. if people are interested are interested i’ll make the chan name public on here.

anyone is welcome to join to discuss modeling techniques and tricks and such and anything related to blender (or any other program since so many techniques transcend programs)

what’s wrong with having a channel on freenode and not one on efnet?

z3ro d.

there’s nothing at all wrong with having a chan on freenode. i just know that some people don’t like having multiple server windows open. i apologize if my attempt came out as dis against the freenode chan.

The official blender chat channel used to be on Efnet ( #blender3d ), but it was moved to what is now Freenode ( #blenderchat ). There’s not only one, but several Blender channels on this server, so having your channel there might be the best choice (you’ll be able to get people from the other channels to join yours).