is there a "cookie cutter" tool in blender?

Is there a tool in blender that can use another mesh to cut a shape out of a plane?

More detail: I have a boat with 2 planes intersecting it. see image.

I am going to UV unwrap the boat and then build it out of paper, but I need some kind of support along the inside of the boat. So what I want to do is add a line of planes as in the image but I need them to conform to the shape of the inside of the boat. Then when I build it out of paper, its going to keep its shape nicely.

Problem is I have no idea how to get the correct shape without spending hours modeling each plane. Is there a sort of “cookie cutter” plug in that I can now click and it will automatically cut those planes out for me?

I remember seeing something like this, but it may have been when I was still using lightwave.

Try the boolean modifier.

That’s it- Thanks!!

No problem, glad to help!