Is there a Cut... separate objects option?

I was wondering if there was something like a cut option in blender similar to the cut function (ctrl+x) used in practically any windows application.

Basically I want to separate one object into 2 independant objects that do not effect each other (in object mode). The object in question is already in 2 separate pieces. Basically its a microwave, I created the door and its box as 1 object and now need them as 2 separate pieces.
and help would be awsome

You need to be in edit mode. First, select a face on the door. Press and Hold Ctrl and NumPad+. That will select all the faces on the door (provided they don’t share any edges with the main unit). Press p, choose selected from the pop up and your door will be a separate object.

If the door and box don’t share any vertices, you can just select one on the door and press CTRL-L to select the entire door at once.

In fact, you don’t even need to select one first: just hover the mouse near one of the vertices in the door and press L (not control+L) and the connected vertices will all light up.

Once you have the door selected (by whatever means) typing p will give you a pop-up menu to separate (into different objects) by selected vertices, loose parts, or by material.

If the door vertices are not connected to the microwave oven vertices in any way, a simple ‘p>>loose parts’ will make two separate objects.

awsome thanks guys

In the event that the pieces are physically connected (ie: share edges), but you want to split them anyways:

select the vertices that you want to separate, hit Y. this will physically split shared edges.

then hit P->selected region to separate the now disconnected spearate region into a different object.

usually, hitting “centre new” to recalc object centers (in edit buttons) is a good idea, although there are some situations in which you wan’t to leave the centers unchanged.

I have a model of a human modeled by makehuman. And I want to separate his hand. So I split the hand and press p in edit mode and select selection. As I do that A message pops up saying can’t separate mesh with vertex keys. Is there a Solution to that??