Is there a material library?

Just started with Blender and am a bit confused:

Having seen how 3ds myx does this, i.e. in app library of materials, grouped by available renderers, I couldn’t find anything like it in Blender so far. Also, are there good online databases for materials you might access through a plugin in belnder?

So far it seems you have to recreate all your materials for every project you start, without access to any sort of library/database? Unless you kind of create all possible materials in one .blend file and always load this as your start for anything?

Material library addon
Download materials from
May your own material library blend file

Hm, most of these addons had big issues with 2.69. Is there a library addon, where the programmer is alive and bringing it to the newest version?

(Btw, are there any plans to have a library in the blender main project? So it always is up to date?)

For blender render engine , (blendersensei)
Or this technique

Thanks, will look at the suggestion. I was more thinking of a sane way to store my materials and quickly access/preview them etc rather than getting new ones (although this is beat with an online material DB).

It will likely never be a part of Blender by default. It’s one of the reasons that Blender is a <100MB download and Max and Maya are multiple GB in size. Utilitarian, maybe, but it forces people to learn.