Is there a path from Illustrator to Blender?

I have Illustrator CS on the Mac and I want to export paths to Blender. I’ve tried a hodge-podge of export options with no success. Help would be appreciated…

there’s a EPS/SVG (among others) import script in blender, which can be accessed via File>>Import.
However it doesn’t work quite often (no offense to the author, i appreciate the tool but it’s not perfect yet), it’s a bit of trial and error to get EPS curves into blender… start with simple, closed circles and such, to see where the limits are.


Does anybody every do searches here ?? I’ve posted an illustrator to blender thread and replied on it about 5 times … Just search for it man …


i’d say: no. even i catch myself from time to time opening a new thread instead of searching… but then i rather search.

i think there are two reasons: lazyness and bad layout. the search button is very small, and seems somehow far away. apart from that, it’s in the wrong place. (what does it have to do with PM’s and the faq??).

suggestions to make it better:

  • more prominent placement (bigger, more unique, different position)
  • better communication that in most cases search should be the preferred solution (no, the stickies are obviously not enough)

the problem i see is that there are already ton’s of information in here, but in an unstructured, chaotic state. of course i’m not blaming anyone on that, but this is the truth. so ppl who are new here rely rather on good will and the wet-ware of the pro’s rather than putting together a puzzle with parts from elysiun, blender and google.

Searching for “Illustrator to blender” nets you 18040 hits
Searching for “Illustrator import paths” nets you 18246 hits
Search “md01 Illustrator” nets 388 hits including this post and others like “Whats ur Presidential election prediction?”

I did try numbers of key words in various searches, Honest gov, I reaped huge numbers of irrelevant hits and did trawl through numerous posts, perhaps there is needle in the haystack… I’m not a sloth, I’ve bought the guide book and read it too, I’m just someone who want to get on with the job.

Can you give a little hint as to where the thread might be? When was the thread posted? What forum?

Many thanks,

this returned 54 results in the forum here… did you ignore the search function here by purpose or didn’t you find it? (which would prove my theory that it’s “hard” to find)

In any way … maybe try searching for import export functions … and in anyway the import functions in blender are bumstuff IMO cause I spent 1 whole day importing a few splines and they still didn’t turn out right… the workaround was through wings…

1 Import Illustrator (AI. or EPS I don’t remember even) into wings 3D
2 Tweak the thing in wings3d (Adding points cause blenders interpolation
seems to freak it up otherwise…
3 Import into blender and hope that it works…


SVG importer was corrected :
just copy this new one in the /.blender/scripts folder.
Note that it imports only “paths” and nothing else.

ps:(the AI importer was corrected too and you can find it in the same folder):