Is there a reliable way to use Hair particles when network-rendering?

I’m trying to use Hair Particles to scatter a collection of objects on some landscape meshes. My problem is that when rendered across multiple machines (my workstation, my old workstation and my laptop), one machine will have one (possibly more, but it looks to be only one) particle missing in it’s renders. Obviously this looks like a dogs-dinner, with part of the scenery disappearing for one frame every 4 or 5 frames…

I’m using Blender 2.82 release version, and rendering (Cycles) in DOS- using a .bat file on each machine to render several scenes, using Blender in DOS/without it’s GUI. I’ve tried rendering using the GUI as well, and the same machine has the ‘lost’ particle.

I’ve had this issue before, and it does seem to be random as to which machine has the ‘missing’ particle, but usually not the main workstation (which is usually the machine the scene was created on). When it’s happened before I’ve just had to wade through the rendered frames, delete the ‘missing particle’ frames, and re-render using one of the machines that does not ‘lose’ a particle.

But this is a big-ish job: 50 UHD clips, all between 45 and 450 frames long, and I’ll almost certainly be rendering the finals using a render-farm service, so definitely rendering across multiple machines.

I know the answer will be ‘wait until particles are re-written’ but I’m trying to use them for an actual job, so I’d rather not have to wait until ‘the 12th of never’ for ‘everything nodes’ to actually exist!