Is there a select all outward face button?

Hi guys
I am trying to delete all inner faces but the select inner faces is doing nothing. The delete doubles is making a mess of my mesh and trying to select manually is tiresome. So is there no select outward faces? Then i can just invert and voila its done.

Select one outward face,
then hit Shift + G
then select “Normals”

Oh nice thx for the quick response that’s perfect.

It seems that Ctrl-L with one selected outer face and Option Delimit - Normal is more correct selection. Invert selection Ctrl-I to select interior faces.

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Neither work properly it seems. This should not be so hard either a face is a outie or innie, 1 or 0, yes or no, black or white hello!

This is what Ctrl-L selects. Faces on top of the Cube are hidden.

This is what i get with Ctrl-L not sure if I am missing a step?As you can see selects almost nothing on the mesh.

This is what i get with Ctrl-L not sure if I am missing a step?As you can see selects almost nothing on the mesh.
Ensure the face normals of your object are all pointing outwards
Make sure the building is all one object
Make sure all the object is one connected mesh

Whereas with sight g I now saw there is a threshold setting if you set it to 500 it selects all outward faces iat least on the mesh i just tried it did.Had to go to 80 percent threshold on the next mesh and it missed a face i will keep trying both methods pretty sure that mesh was a single object not sure on all the faces pointing out but should have been it might have been seperated into material zones if that matters?

Bah does not work well for most meshes even going as high as 900 percent fails. Bloody blender this should not be a difficult thing.

If it’s just missing a few faces, just select them manually. It’s really not worth giving up because the tool wasn’t able to quite go all the way.

Is there any reason you couldn’t use the remove doubles operator to help make things easier (how is it messing up the mesh)? If the issue is something like losing sharp edges, then just use the edge-split modifier or the shader-based autosmooth feature.

Its just seems ridiculous that this is not easier I mean normals are either in or out they dont have shades inbetween should be the easiest thing to select them.