Is there a tutorial to make an animation of your own digital art?

On YouTube I saw this video:

For me there wasn’t enough instructions to do so as a beginner.
Any other tips or videos on YouTube which you would recommend?

I want to move some parts of my digital art.

Thanks in advance

Yes those fast time-laps videos are not very good for beginning to learn.
There are loads of videos on how to animate in Blender, unfortunately the subject is complex and you will have to watch quite a few and practice a lot to understand the possibilities.
As you are thinking of animating illustrations I would search for “grease pencil animation in blender” You will find loads of videos and will have to go through looking for the most suitable ones.

Here are a few I found that seem to be more instructive (I have not watched them fully).

And for bones/armatures:

When you get into bones things can get complicated as there are many possibilities, there are loads of videos that discuss “rigging” with bones, mostly for 3d characters but the same principles apply for the bones in grease pencil. There are many things to learn about bones and how they interact so if you want to go this way you have a lot of tuts to watch!

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After watching the video you posted I see what they were doing and it is a VERY complicated process.

To break it down it is something like this.

First they created the image in photoshop and painted the different objects that have to be moved independently on different layers.

Then exported each layer separately as png with transparency.

Import the images (all the layers one by one) as planes into blender with the bundled addon import images with planes.

Then they subdivided each of the planes into little squares and deleted the squares that are totally transparent leaving only the parts that have drawing on them.

Now they have different separate objects each one for different parts of the image. They can now animate the different parts using various techniques, moving, scaling, using “shape keys”, bones (armatures etc)

To do all this you have a lot to learn!

It would be hard to find a tutorial that explains this specific process as it is not a typical approach to animating in Blender.

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Omg thank you so much! Thanks to you I take time to learn the progress. :grin::grin:

I’ll definitely use your tips and the videos

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