Is there a way how to export a value to a txt document?

Is there a way how to export a value to a txt document?
I have a value I’m using in-game and I’d like to know if there is a way how to export it while in-game to a txt document.

Sure, here’s an example file:

ex_saveload.blend (93.3 KB)

from bge.logic import expandPath, getCurrentController
from ast import literal_eval

cont = getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner

# Sensors
save = cont.sensors["S"]
load = cont.sensors["L"]

# File path relative to current blend
filePath = expandPath("//my_file.txt")

# When S button is pressed
if save.positive:
        # Consolidate in a dict the data you want to save
        dataYouWantToSave = {
            "AProperty" : own["AProperty"],
            "AnotherProperty" : own["AnotherProperty"]
        # Write value to file
        with open(filePath, "w") as openedFile:
            # Convert consolidated data to str and write to file
            print("Saved data to",
        print("Could not save values to file")
# When L button is pressed
if load.positive:
        # Read value from file
        with open(filePath, "r") as openedFile:
            # Read str from file and convert it back to dict
            loadedData = literal_eval(
            # Set object properties to loaded values
            own["AProperty"] = loadedData["AProperty"]
            own["AnotherProperty"] = loadedData["AnotherProperty"]
            print("Loaded data from",
        print("Could not read values from file")

Thank you, this is exactly what I’ve needed.

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