Is there a way in Eevee to have light affect only a specific object and not the other?

Hi guy’s

I was searching on google and did not get a clear answer since eevee is relatively new in the game but in 3ds max i was able to select any object in my scene and exclude them from specific light.

So is there some trickery we can do in blender regarding this?

you could do it with different render layers and marging them together in the compositor

Thank Jerzy i already saw this solution on stack exchange but i thought there was something similar to 3ds max light exclusion system since it is very handy and we use it all the time.

I hope they will address this or that a developer will make an addon since i would pay for that.

IIRC, Tangent Animation implemented Light Linking in Cycles and there has been discussion for some time about getting this into master. I don’t know if that would make implementing it in Eevee any easier.

There’s a task for Light Groups in Cycles ( but I don’t see anything that looks similar on the Eevee roadmap.

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There is still hope but i wont expect them to work on this anytime soon. Thank for the info.