Is there a way to auto align an array to another array?

Hey guys…

I have a wall… I made an outside lamp on it. I put an array on the lamp so there are 10 lamps on the walls so far so good.

Now… I want to create a hole (inset) for each and every lamp in the wall…so I can inset the lamps a little. I use a boolean operation for this. I created a cilinder, and use that for the boolean operator to create an inset for the first lamp. So far so good. But as soon as i put an array modifier on the cilinder, and use the same array values as i did for the lamp…The insets dont line up with the lamps.

My lamps have an 150 value on the x axis… but the cilinder needs an 12 value on the x asis to get it in the same spot as the lamps.

Im wondering… how is this possible… and is there a way to align these arrays so there are in the exact same spot?

When you use an array modifier you choose between relative and absolute spacing. Relative spacing, which is the default, uses multiples of the objects length. Absolute spacing uses world blender units, so in short you should use absolute (and the same value) for both objects.

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Photox gave a great response. If you select the lamp and then the wall and ctrl j in object mode you’ll join the lamp to the wall object and the lamp will use the same relative spacing as the wall and inherit other modifiers applied to the wall.

Thanks guys, the problem was absolute vs relative. Very stupid that I missed that. All is good now,thanks again