Is there a way to create a reflective AND transparent water in Eevee?

I try to replicate this kind of looking water in Eevee :
So basically a real-time / near realtime water that reflect the environnement on the surface but also show slightly what’s inside it, while deforming it because of surface’s waves.

I created the waves + reflections with noise modifiers etc, Screen space Reflections etc without problem, but the Transparency don’t work with it :

I have to change the Blend mode to Alpha Blend to make the Transparency work, and then all my reflections disappear :

Is there a way in Eevee to combine both or do i have to go with Cycles ?

Not any way to do this ?

Doublechecked what happens with such reflections with transparency mixed in material, but should be no problem:

The plane with checkers is under the half transparent plane and you see the green ceiling reflecting in the water. But it’s quite a game between a lot of factors like: transparency mix, probes, albedo value of water plane, etc.

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You can try this one as well…Use however you created the waves…I just used a wave texture and you can animate using the Phase Offset…

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I finally found how to do this by tweaking options
For some weird reason, it work for me only when “Refraction” is unchecked on Screen space Reflections menu, and only under this precise succession of settings on the material : (see right panel)
When i put the Blend mode to Alpha Blend like you or any other mode the reflections disappear.

thanks for your the images that guided me to find it!