Is there a way to delete vertices / edges in non-destructive way?


I am having a bit of hard time. I have built additional geometry to help with cloth simulation and it works great. The problem is, I wan’t to get rid of that additional geometry once the simulation is done so that I can subdivide model without any weird artifacts. Is there any way to remove it in non destructive way?
I have all the vertices in separate vertex group.

(This is not actual project image, but shows the problem)

This is the problem if I don’t remove them, the surface is not smooth, and I want to avoid smoothing, so that I don’t loose details on original model:

Have you tried the mask modifier? It might do what you need? I’m not sure though, as it only hides geometry.

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I have not… but now I have and it did exactly what was needed. Thank you kindly :slight_smile:

Created new vertex group with inverted selection, added mask for that before subdivide and magic happened. Really thank you :slight_smile:

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Awesome! had no idea if that would work or not :smiley:
Glad I could help.