Is there a way to do this kind of rig in Blender?

Go to 24:15 it’s call dynamic in c4d and i wonder if maybe we have a tool or addon that can do similar behavior ;

It look amazing for animating a snake the motion is exactly how a snake move.

Here i find another snake rig this time done in blender and i wonder how he setup the cobra hood with one single bone ;

Go to 1:48

The c4d thing reminded me of this thread. Looks similar.

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The spline is changing based not just on its orientation, but on its history. Nothing in Blender works like that.

Edit: actually, there is one thing that works like that: one of the IK models: iTasc on Simulation mode. Maybe it could do something similar, I dunno.

Couldn’t tell you without looking at the model, which costs money that I don’t have, but there’s no reason that the single bone used to control the hood has to be the same bones that deform the hood. Imagine some extra spine bones with rotation->scale transformation constraints-- that would do this just fine. But that’s not the only way.

You can use soft body on a nurbs curve but I’m not sure you can have the same amount of control.

Hi Hadriscus thank for the tip but i was aiming at spline IK since for a snake that’s what we use normally but this dynamic system in C4d is simply sick for animating a snake or any similar creature.

Just to say that I found this that may be interesting to study the snake movement (you can download the video if your web browser cannot play it)

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Thank Ztreem and indeed it look very similar and i wonder if C4d use the same kind of cloth algorithm like this guy or it’s all based on complex math.

I download the 2.79 version to test it on my snake rig and will comment back.

Fortunately there is an addon that do something similar here it’s call ghost IK ;

Regarding the hood rigging i was aiming at blend shape since it would be the easiest way to do it.

Thank Yafu that’s a good reference specially view from top and it’s exactly like he is riding a wave.

I know we can add a sine math formula to get that kind of movement but i am not familiar enough with blender driver to see how to do it and it has to be animation i can bake and export to UE4.

Then you could drive the shapekey from a single bone, that works too.

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Yep and since i model the cobra with hood deployed i will simply use shrinkwrap modifier to conform to a cylinder and relax my edge loop with loop tool.

I plan to do a complete snake rigging tutorial since this is something you cannot find anywhere except for the casual one done with curve modifier or with a bone IK setup. I was surprise no one did a tutorial with the spline IK.

My game need the cobra to be very realistic and it will have a broad range of movement + tongue and spitting animations. My biggest challenge is to have all these animations blending perfectly together and to be loop where possible.