Is there a way to filter groups of channels?

Is there a way to filter groups of channels?.. 'cause now I have a rig with so many keyframes that is a little tricky to just focus on certenaly channels, I know you can filter using the search menu of the DopeSheet but I think I saw that feature long time ago, am I right?
Thanks for the help!.

is turning off the channel visibility not enough?

Maybe hector means selection sets that you can define your own? I dunno, just starting experimenting with animation in blender.

That’s the point Pensart, although I find a way that help me a little for animating, that is grouping bones, for example: I make a group that contains bones related with facial controls, group of bones that manages legs, and so on. When you are done with that select a bone related with the part you want to work with, then SHIFT + G and from the menu select “Groups”, that will select all the bones related with the bone you just selected, showing us in the DopeSheet keyframes based on current selection… that help me I little but is fine.
I’ll keep searching.

One thing that helps is when you start your animation, select each bone you want to animate in a certain way, eg FK elbow, knee, shoulder and wrist you may want to just rotate and r click and key rotation. Now when you key you will just have a channel for rotation of that bone and only see the x,y,z,w rotations in the graph editor.