Is there a way to have a separate HDRI for reflections/background using Eevee?

I finally figured out how to make it so you can’t see the HDRI in the background, but it leaves a transparency checker. So just wondering if I can then use another image or HDRI for the background? Seeing as I want full camera movement I guess it would have to be a HDRI.

Try opening the shader editor, switching to world, and adding a node tree that is similar to this:

You just use a different image for each background shader. The background in the second slot of the mix shader is the one the camera sees

yes, like this

Ah cool, thanks guys, I’ll play with each of those.

So @gritche does that last mix shader output go into the surface input of the world node?

Yes of course
sorry I did screenshoot a bit fast …

I’m a complete newbye with Eevee and it’s my very first scene with it. I want to give it a try.
All has become perfect and very satisfactory except the reflections in my INTERIOR SCENE of the HDRI background.
I’m having the problem of that I love the HDRI reflections on some of my objects in my INTERIOR SCENE (chrome materials, stainless steel materials , etc) but I don’t want them in my glass panels . I 've tried almost everything.
I’ve tried your nodes configuration for the world but all turns white in the image…Too much intensity maybe but I couldn’t reduce it.
But would you do, any advice? Thanks.