Is there a way to import 3D building data AND the corresponding textures?

Hello all,

Wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to either download externally, or import via Blender AddOn, 3D building data AND their corresponding textures.

This would be similar to what you see in Google Earth 3D mode:

I know you can import the building geometry via:

BlenderGIS addon
some info here:
Blender OSM
some info here:

There are also ways to download the 3d building geometry outside of Blender, such as directly from OSM.

The problem is, these does not include an accurate representation of the textures on the buildings.

There is an insane hack for stripping the 3d data out of google:

though this is certainly against Google TOS. I would like to use this data for a work application thus would not be able to use this. If it was just me at home, fine.

Does anyone know how this can be achieved?

Just want to overlay 3D renders/objects into real-world scenes.