Is there a way to import rotation data from a text file into Blender ?

Hi all, I’m working on an animation showing the orientation of sphere as it rolls on a path on a plane. The equations of motion for this are fairly complex and I’m generating them in a Power Basic program. Right now I’m inputting rotation data by hand into the keyframes. Is there a way I can import this data as a text file into blender so I don’t have to input it by hand?
Thanks Russ

you can find a very brief example how to animate things in Blender here:

So I need to write a Python script to generate the keyframes using my rotation data. To get the rotation data into the Python script I see two options:

  1. Implement the equations of motion into the Python script.
  2. read in the rotation data from a data file via Python file I/O.

I’m new to both Blender and Python so does that sound about right?
Thanks CoDEmanX for the reply.