Is there a way to limit Vertex Connections

I connect objects using boolean modifier but it makes to many connections to vetixes which makes it so that I can’t import into sculptris to sculpt. There are so many of these that it would be a big job to edit them all.

Does anybody know a way to automatically limit vertex connections?


Just a guess since I have no idea how subdivided (ie. complex) your model is…

Model at the lowest vertex resolution possible without compromising your shape, then do the boolean and clean-up will take far less time. Once it’s cleaned up, add subdivisions if necessary before exporting to Sculptris.

If you’re unsure what I mean by vertex resolution:
If you can build your model and do the booleans with un-subdivided cubes, that’s the lowest vertex resolution possible for a 3D object. If you need circles, cylinders or any other kind of round shape for part of the object, use eight-vertex circles or cylinders with eight sides.

I often find it’s easier to do booleans by hand rather than letting Blender (or any other 3D software) do it for me. It may take a bit longer, but I have full control over the results.

What I’m doing is getting a shape on a plane using the displace modifier. Then I’m using boolean to chop off the plain making the object solid using differenence and a cube and deleting the cube. Then making another part for the back of the object the same way. Then making one object from the two using boolean.

I was able to get it to work by deleting the plane after selecting in wireframe mode and then manually connecting vertices and creating faces and it works great. I was then able to open the obj in sculptris. It’s more work though. I guess there is no way to automatically change the number of vertet connections.

I’m actually making a front and back of a facial bust. I draw the face as a greyscale heightmap and then the back of the head and then bring them into blender and use displace to get the shapes.