Is there a way to make an object "hear" sound in UPBGE?

How can I make an object “hear” sound in UPBGE and respond to it? An example is a cat’s bell and when the cat draws near to a bird, the sound of the small bell causes the bird in the range of the Near sensor to fly off.

I am not meaning a sphere object, but a Near sensor that detects the sound radius. Or some other way.

i would just fake the hearing with python.
pseudo code:
the cat has a near sensor:

if near.positive:
    near.hitObject["flee"] = True

the bird has a property sensr for “flee”:

if property.positive:
   if cont.owner["flee"] == True:
    .... do the stuff to fly away ...

So the bird does not really hear the bell, but the behaviour should be the same as it would “hear” it.

or the other way round, the bird has a near sensor, would maybe be even better guess

Usually a near sensor is used, as [3D] sound in the real world is merely a location based element.

The “sound” can be recognized by setting a boolean to true or false depending on whether the player is in range of the sound object.