Is there a way to manipulate the color of the footage while tracking?

Hello everyone,

I have a 3DEqualizer background for tracking and am thinking about shifting my work to blender. In 3DEqualizer I have a color manipulator to change the color, contrast, gamma and even the value of every color channel of the footage for tracking. This helps a lot to find good spots to track in low contrast footage or even makes tracking possible in areas where it wasn’t before because you coldn’t see anything as it was to dark or to bright or for whatever reason.
In blender I can only tell the marker to choose from the color channels RGB or to see the footage as B/W which is not enough in many cases to “stabilize” the feature or to make it even visible to the marker.
I know there is the color management tab in the scene setting and this is exactly what I need. When I tune something there the footage in the movie clip editor changes accordingly but not the footage the marker itself sees in the properties panel. Is this just a bug or does the marker really have no benefit from the changes I make in color management? I can’t really judge that by the behavior of the markers.

I would really like having this feature in blender but wanted to make sure that it’s not already implemented or on the to-do list before I make a feature request.