is there a way to playback PNG animations in 2.5?

Im using blender 2.5 and I have a scene animated into PNG files and was wondering if there any way to play the animation. I know you could do it on the old blender with the PLAY button in the render settings. Is there a way to do it in the new blender?

thanks a lot.

i have still installed blender-2.49
and use the setting in bender-2.5x for ctrl-F11(replay animation)
to use this old blender-2.49-player. The setting is in the user-preferences.
If you dont want to have both versions installed, you need a special player,
that depends on your operation-system, what is available. Could be you might
need one player-prg. for images and another for rendered movie-codecs.
Next, what might be a solution: for quick-preview use avi-codecs and only for the final render in higher resolution go for single images and then use external program to combine those into one video (or use the blender-compositor)