Is there a way to sculpt an object while seeing the Array modifier?

I want to sculpt an arrayed object and to see live the changes all over the array, is there a way to to that?

Yes, all objects in an array ( using the array modofier) are derived from the base object, so any changes in sculpt mode are immediate across the whole of the array. However, if you’re using DYNAMIC topology you are changing the base mesh and need to come out of sculpt mode, temporarily, for the array to update. If you want a non-parametric array ( ie without using the array modifier ) them duplicate your base object with ALT- d. This creates a reference duplicate that is identical to the original so updates when ANY of them are changed. Again, however, Dynamic topology requires jumping to Object mode to update the mesh. You can also combine Alt-d and Array if you want to get really confused :wink:

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