Is there a way to skin a mesh to be driven by particles?

I mean, I want to create a bunch of particles that deform a mesh, for example a cube, is there a way to do that?


3ways :
Animation nodes
Dynamic Paint
Alembic or Particle Instance + Vertex Weight modifiers

Mmm I’m not sure how to do it with those things, I think I have not explained well, the thing is to create a bunch of particles in frame 1, link the mes to the particles as if they were bones, and let the mesh to be driven by the particles movements.


Something similar to what I want can be achieved with the Explode modifier, but I also need to avoid the geometry breaking and I also need the geometry to follow the particles orientation (rotation)

my vote for animation nodes too, or a custom little script… but it would be useful to see what you want to get

here’s a really quick setup for vertices to follow particles, it’s just 5 nodes; I guess you need something more complex though, maybe animate some empties using the same idea and manually hook your mesh to those empties