Is there a way to speed up EEVEE rendering?

I know a lot of ways to speed up Cycles, but is there a way to speed up EEVEE?
I need to render 4 sec 1080p60 animation, 1 frame takes ~5 minutes to render, so it would take ~20 hours to render. It’s a pretty big amount of time for me since I can’t just left my PC turned on rendering all day

I think this is too general of a question, you should give precision about the scene (pictures) and what is in your scene that might slow down you rendering time.

There is many factors that make rendering slower like volumetric and all sort of real time rendering features.

The amount of faces your scene is compose of is also a very big factor in the rendering time.

Can you utilize a second or third GPU?
If you have two GPUs which GPU is used?

Ok, turned out that I had corrupted/old gpu driver, now I’m able to render a frame in 2 minutes

Actually I don’t have any GPU :smiley: (integrated)

That was more of a generic question about EEVEE. Can you utilize 2 GPUs with EEVEE like in Cycles? Or is it like in Games where you either use a single GPU or multiple GPUs running in SLI?

EEVEE uses OpenCL and as far as I know it doesn’t support multithreading. For GPU, EEVEE uses the one that you use for display

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Work also if you want to use multiple instances for one gpu.