is there a way to turn off tweening?

doing an animations tut that shows a good method for animation and it says to add poses but not the tweening is there a way to turn them off in blender???

In the IPO editor select a curve then do Curve Menu->Interpolation Mode-> Constant (hotkey is T,1.) Your animation will then go through the poses without interpolations.

thanks very much now i can do that method i just hope that 10second club comes back so i can get some audio files

actually i have a prob with ur tip, i have to go thorugh every bone and change the interpolation to make it work this will take for ever

You can also use the Action Editor to change the interpolation for posed bones. Either select the bones in pose mode, or select the bone names in the action editor (hover pointer over the names and press ‘A’ to select all), then Key Menu->Interpolation Mode->Constant|Linear|Bezier.

fank foo now i can realy do it