Is there a way to use .svg as texture in blender 2.9?

Is there any way to use SVG File as an Image Texture inside Blender??? Any Plugin??

No, you have to render/convert the svg-vector-format into an image to load it as an image… (or import ist as vector an model with it).

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There are a few threads kicking about on this - I too think it would be a useful option on occasion. There used to be an option a long time ago, but the development stopped and never went any further unfortunately.

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The problem would be that a svg plugin has to:

  1. draw the pixels from the SVG in a predefined sized canvas (so you you can do this for yourself) or
  2. draw the pixels as inquired by the renderer (so it has to check the FULL svg vector discripion for EVERY pixel)

so i would just convert the svg to any png… you even can reconvert it to any higher resolution and rerender in blender…

Hi, Yep, I can see how it would be processor intensive, and certainly not useful for general rendering, but in some circumstances, there are a lot of benefits to having non pixelated textures. The alternative in some circumstances is to create incredibly large raster textures, which is also processor intensive.

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