Is there an Ambient occlusion material in blender?

Hello friends, I was wandering if ther are an ambient occlusion material in blender.

I ask this because I saw in maya there is some mental ray texture nodes that when connected to the Ambient of a material, they render ambient occlusion only for that material. It is like the ambient occlusion does not depend of the world but the material.

It can be done In blender? I tried with Extended material nodes connecting one material AO output to other material in Ambient.

Thanx in advance

I think it might be doable using objectIndex and render layers. You only want certain objects to have the AO look? Is that your goal?

or are you talking like shadeless mat

not affected by ambient light !

that might be close to AO in a way !


Sorry for the late reply, I´ve been very busy, Yes I would like to have some objects to have the appearence of the AO. But this technique is also used as a Ilumination optinization so if I don´t have lights in the scene it will be seen as a little illuminated, as when we activate the AO in blender without lights.

Then the AO will depend of the material, and I can connect a single node to all materials to control the same settings on all materials. (I mean it in maya) I´ll try to find the time to make a little demonstration.

But yes basically it is to control AO from a material node. Maybe what I need is to learn how does Extended Material nodes, works on the Material node editor.

Thanx in advance