Is there any best way to rig and export to unity humanoid rig?

I am a 3D animator for series animation, but currently I work as 3D animator and rigger for game assets.
I need to find a best way to export a rig to support the unity humanoid.

Currently I was using Blender Addons called Easy Rig Pro. Its a greats addons for fast and easy workflow. But there is always a problem using it. Here is the sample of my latest problem

I need to make 8 poses, and the programmer will blend it using unity Blend Tree and match the direction to follow the mouse position. The feet needs to stay at place, and here is the poses on blender


And here is the result I get when it blended to each other


Is there any way to avoid problems like this? the rig workflow, or any animation suggestion I can follow?

Thank you.

you export format fbx? if right you need use export setups blender and use setup axis orientation equivalent unity engine axis its make in export data menu - because export setup crashed if this is axis not equal unity engine and you need selected all colliders objects in blender for export to unity and in menu export mark export constraint bone or make new collision models and bone constraint in unity for model because unity not support all blender bone constraints - sorry to my english

Thanks for your reply, unfortunately its not solved my problem, but thanks again. Its give me more information about how the axis different

Good luck for you