Is there any Blender Virtual Assistant AI similar to Cortana and Siri?

Anyone tried developing one?

It will really make modelling much faster if you could just say simple voice commands while modelling like: Loopcut 5 times, Render now, Switch to compositing, you name it…

You could call it Suzanne.

“Suzanne, make a loop cut. No, not there, in the middle of that wide spot. No, to the left a bit. Like…two and a half blender units to the left maybe. OK, too far to the left. Jesus, where’s my mouse? I’ll do it myself.”

Actually, it might make modelling slower, because you can do keycuts faster, whereas with the voice thing, you have to clearly pronounce everything you wanna do. Also, I don’t see how you’d move your view around in the 3D viewport.

Yeah Suzanne would be it’s name. You will not just use voice recognition alone of course you will model and navigate the view-port with your mouse and keyboard. That AI thing will just be there to assist like switching to edit mode, weight paint, sculpt mode and so on.

Now, put Blender session instead of this :smiley:

Let’s see, take a fraction of a second to hit the tab key to switch modes, or spend two seconds telling the computer to switch modes, then wait another second for it to process what I said. Hmmm. Which way is better? I just can’t decide.

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