Is there any good free alternative to substance painter

is there any good free alternative to substance painter

There is Armor Paint

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You might have a look at BPainter addon for blender.


If you’re looking for the painting/decal part and a bit of procedural materials, check out Armorpaint (as Craig_Jones already mentioned).

If you’re looking for creating photorealistic materials by mixing photoscanned data and applying them to the Mesh, look at Quixel Mixer. The photoscanned data is also free, if you register a free Epic-Games/Unreal Account.

As far as I heard, they are both not on the same level as Substance Painter/Alchemist right now, but they are being constantly developed and might be a worthy alternative soon. I personally use Mixer in some projects and find it very intuitive. Sadly not many people seem to use it, since almost every good tutorial about texturing uses Substance right now.

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if i complied the github version
can i use it or i need to buy it from itch

I tried mixer by myself and after a bunch of bugs and glitch they finally work but don’t give me the same as substance painter
i will try armorpaint
can i use the complied version of armorpaint or i need to buy it

and are these your works?
its look amazing

No, sadly they are just images from google :smile:
My latest work with Quixel is this Bamboo Beach Hut:

All the textures (except the roof) are done with Mixer. But I know what you mean, somehow the results are not as good as painter (or I need more experience).

For Armorpaint: you can use the compiled version for free, the paid version is a pre-compiled version for people who don’t want the hassle with compiling or who want to support the development of Armorpaint.

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its also very nice work
i think i will go with armorpaint
thank you

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